GMU Freshman Dance Majors Improv Dance

September 24th, 2009

Freshman dance majors are doing an improvisational performance today (September 24, 2009) at 3:30 pm somewhere between the clock and the fountain near the Johnson Center. It should be great fun and cause quite a buzz on campus. The dance, celebrating the fall of the Berlin Wall, will mysteriously appear from what appears to be an ordinary group of students. If you have time, you should go and enjoy the dance at street art.

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  1. Hello,

    I am a former soloist with the NYCB, and presently a repetiteur for the George Balanchine trust, and have written my memoir about dancing with diabetes. I believe my story, which is also rich in dance history and specifically George Balanchine, can give hope and inspiration to any dancer.

    Stanford University has used it in their curriculum and numerous other Universities have it in their library. I am available as a speaker and for master classes.

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    I am so impressed by Zippora’s teaching-she has a great insight and understanding of the ‘American ballet technique and Balanchine style.’ Her long fight with diabetes has strengthened her resolve and makes her a passionate and compassionate teacher. She reached out and touched everyone in this University ballet department.

    Micheal Vernon
    Ballet Master, and Chair
    Department of Ballet
    Indiana University

    Book Reviews
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    Zippora was an enormously talented dancer and she brings to this book her unique perspective on being an athlete with diabetes. Her wonderfully positive outlook provides invaluable information that readers will find both helpful and fascinating.”
    Peter Martins, Ballet Master in Chief, New York City Ballet

  2. Jessica permalink

    This really is so interesting. I love improv that actually tells a story. Improv in itself is a story teller but to have this theme to initiate it is phenomenal. Absolutely adore the movement and how it all connects together. 🙂